The moon day that did not end

The moon day that did not end. There is no moon, not even that extra moon in 1Q84, that misshapen thing floating in the sky. This is the beginning, the new moon. I can’t help but want to start something else. 
It will start here. STARTNOWHERE


20 hours ago I was waking up and taking a seated practice since I don’t normally take a physical asana practice on new/full moon days or Saturdays, as is the tradition of Ashtanga yoga. I instead take a seated practice. I meditate, or mad-a-tate. 
I sit in front of a trunk filled with items and pictures collected from traveling around the world. Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, sits in the center bathed in the burning incense that was a gift from a friend in Mysore, India. A picture of Guruji hangs out with us all under the watchful eye of Shiva.
The world outside slips away into darkness as I focus on the breath. There is nothing important that needs to be done within the moment of focusing on the breath. Everything becomes still. 


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