To feel inspired is to rise up to face the work that is ahead. 

I practice to serve. I serve myself so that I can better serve the world, the people of my community. The focus must begin internal and grow from this place. 
On an airplane, in the event of an emergency, when the O2 mask drops from the ceiling we are instructed to first place the mask on ourselves before assisting others. 
Practicing in the morning is simply placing self care first so that we can better serve those who are unable to assist themselves. 
Often we lose ourselves by identifying with our job, family, relationships and even our asana practice. T.S. Eliot talked about the living dead in his poem ‘The Wasteland’ and when we forget why we are doing the job we are doing, than we have lost ourselves and easily cling to, or grasp for an identity and find that in our job. 
It doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is why you do that which you do. (My friend kindly nudges me and says, the what still counts) The what is the means to live, but what the driving force behind the means to live IS the why, and that’s what counts. 
(Who’s on first anyone?)

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