The spirit of yoga

The spirit of yoga should continue as we rise from our mats.

But we should not be attached. We should not be concerned with being able to do this asana or that, only doing intermediate, going deep, twisting like a top, kapo-motherfu<king-tasana, catching you?!
I’ve heard people sigh and say during asana practice, ‘if only I were 20 again.’ 
F that! 
When I was 20 I was too busy finding enlightenment in drugs and external resources and I don’t want to do 20 again. 
I’m good with this ‘now’ thing. 
I’m good with my practice being stiff in the winter reminding me to keep an inner fire alive like a stove’s pilot light. I’m good with summer heat exhaustion and a delicious nap after practice. I’m good not spending hours working on getting a fix because it is all dependent on something or someone other than me. I’m good with interrupting today’s practice to assist a student who came in to practice early because it is all that works with his schedule. 
You keep your wish to be 15+ years younger. 
I’m fucking stoked with this life and this practice and I will take that off the mat.

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