Take care of your shit.

If I only take care of my shit, my dirty dishes, my office desk, my sidewalk, my yard, my bicycle. I only serve my ego and can stand proud on my soapbox proclaiming that everyone else is filthy, lazy, slothful, disgusting. 

I can stand there justified, explaining and defending my actions, and many can and do agree with me. I would love to say that if we each took care of our own crap the world would be taken care of but that is crap. Besides I look like the disgusting one standing there thinking my hands are clean when there are those that can be helped. 
I don’t understand their situation and why they don’t do dishes or ride a bicycle, and I certainly have my hang ups. I would be careful about judging, simply a caution, because looking at someone standing on their soapbox while they judge me in my situation only makes walking away easier. (that’s the clean edit, it really makes it easier to throw shit at them and not feel bad about it)

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