A lesson in self study. 

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing the same way each time and expecting different results. 
If I approached the practice the same way each time doing the same things how will I ever move past … (Fill in the blank asana.) There came a point in my practice where I stopped getting adjusted, I was left to figure out the practice for myself. Self-study. How could I take the tools I have already learned and apply them to my practice? How could I find new places to take the existing practice that I had learned? 
I became my teacher, the body, the experiment. First it was physical changes, how I held my posture outside of the practice. When physical needed to go deeper, dairy was first to leave, wheat followed a year or two later, along the way alcohol got lost too and the practice changed with it. 
The impossible became possible and the possible became easier. New walls came and new mountains climbed. I received less and less physical adjustments and the practice became a mental game.
I do not look at the practice the same as I did in 2009. I play a different game, because I am a different person, because I don’t do the same things in the same way as I once did. The changes are gradual, some so minor that I didn’t even realize that I was doing it until much later when I look back. 
No two practices are ever alike. I am ever evolving. 

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