Personal day

I took a personal day and I feel guilty because of it and I know this isn’t right but it isn’t wrong either just feels good to do it. It feels good to feel human, to feel normal and rested. 
I spend much of my time caring for others that when I take the time to care for myself I feel selfish, like I’m doing something wrong. I feel like I should always be doing something for someone else. I can’t explain why I feel this way, and I love serving others, I simply don’t love that I feel guilty about loving myself. 
Today I stayed on the mat and worked asanas differently because I gave myself time, I stayed in making food, I stayed in quiet peace and deeply cleaned the house. The phone was turned off and my attention was focused back to center. 
The wheel has a center point, but it is easy to get preoccupied with what is going around. Today once I got past the guilt, I was able to rest in this stillness. 


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