It is a practice

It is called a yoga ‘practice ‘ it is not called; sudden death, get it right, a test, perfection, stupid, impossible, World Cup, look at me trying to impress the teacher, I can’t, yoga, it’s fucking practice.

It is not sudden death yoga – although that has a great ring to it and maybe worth marketing. No one is going to kick you out except yourself, that’s also the same person keeping you from playing the game in the first place. 
It is not yoga, get it right – fuck man, I can’t even. 

It is not yoga test – there is no pass, there is no fail. Like the Yoda said, there is only do. A calculus exam is easier than this practice and I can’t figure out either, I also stopped trying to figure one of those guys out out about 15 years ago. 
It is not yoga perfection – yes we all fail, we are far from perfect, when did this become so freaking important? What is perfect, it sounds like some Jesus parable?
It is not stupid yoga – but man do I feel that way trying to do some of these asanas. Then I look around and realize that it is bigger than me and see everyone else struggling feeling stupid too, and since we are all here together we can’t all be stupid, I mean that guys a doctor right?
It is not impossible yoga – it sure feels that way at first but 3 years, maybe 7 years latter it is not so impossible anymore. In fact that isn’t even a thought anymore, until it is. 
It is not World Cup Yoga – but the people in class do look as hot as those players. But no one here wins, no one looses and no one is representing their country and will get shot if they score a goal for the opposition. There is no opposition either. 
It is not look at me trying to impress the teacher yoga – you can’t, you simply can’t, unless you show up and put in the effort and struggle on it and one day it is no longer a struggle. Than you impress the teacher. 
It is not I can’t yoga – your right you can’t, go home. 
It is yoga practice, where we fail, where we aim for perfection understanding that it is unattainable yet still within our reach. It is practice where we feel stupid, feel safe to feel vulnerable and not amazing because we are working towards something. It is practice because it is not done. It is practice because, simply because. Take it. 

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