What is your reason?

Playing triage nurse is stressful, I often doubt myself, take on the patients anxiety, frustration, and fear, I can get overwhelmed, and it is lonely in the box. I don’t have the answers and I am looked at or expected to have those guys from both the MD’s and the patients. Every nerve is shot and that game is more difficult than practicing the ashtanga intermediate series.

This Wednesday seems like the 1.500 other Wednesdays. Life can seem mundane and monotonous sometimes, and sometimes it needs to be shaken on its head.

So practice is tough, but what is it preparing you for?
Can you keep safe a child having their first febrile seizure and hold the hand of the mother afterwards, empathizing with her grief and fear? Can you keep calm, remember your medical training, remember you are still human, remember that you are not in control? Do you know when you need to back away and not rush in creating more chaos?
What else are we doing this practice for if not for ourselves and how we interact/react with others?

I don’t always get it right, but I don’t always float with ease through the asana either. I spent 10 hours in a box with medical issues and 2 hours on a mat preparing myself, reminding myself to be kind, forgiving my mistakes, and steady with my precise movements so that I can give the best care possible.

I can’t think of a better reason to practice on a Wednesday, number 1.788


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