4 & 17/12

A four year old will quickly correct you if you tell them they are four when they are 4 & 3/4. Seriously, they are almost 5, and you need to know this.

Those guys will also tell you about their new Lego, Pixar movie, swimming class, and hurt finger maybe even in the same breath. Those are important things to them, and they get excited about things that are new and important. They will forget that their shoes were new last week, their earnestness has moved on to a new subject.

Do you approach your practice like a 4yr. (New and great and everything is awesome!) or the 14yr. (Who has to make it through everything no matter how sloppy, we need to get to the end!) or the 40year old? (A fine vintage that gets better with age. You have been through enough to know that it’s not going anywhere in a hurry so you are going to refine and enjoy this guy!)

I play with each of those ages. Somedays I’m 4, some 40, some 14, some somewhere in between. When I started practicing I told everyone about yoga and diet. My sister jokingly asks me what’s this years diet fad restriction for thanksgiving?

I’m not 4yr. any more and I don’t feel the need to tell anyone who would listen about what’s new, it’s all rather new, I’m a bit busy experiencing it. These days I don’t talk about my yoga practice. I get up and do it. I talk about bedtimes and joke about being grandpa. I get asked about what I do, how is it that I’m able to do certain things? I get jealous remarks, and hear people negative-talk themselves. I don’t say anything. I get up and practice.


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