Hungry for living?

What do you want to accomplish before your expiration date? (kick the bucket)

We set up lists, goals, and ideas we would like to triumph over before expiring. Like a carrot perpetually dangling from a string this idea can leave us exhausted, hungry, and frustrated if we fail to recognize and celebrate those times we have *made it.*

I have a tendency to look at certain aspects of my life as failures; Divorce, rejection from nursing school (X3 or 4), and opportunities to work overseas not taken. These are a few of the examples that at times leave me sad, remorseful, and hungry. Hungry not to repeat.

The alternate view is that these examples are and will always be examples of success. Divorce – I have loved so passionately and completely. I learned what love is and I know how amazing it is to be completely enveloped in it. Nursing school – I learned how passion, drive, and determination pay off. I know what happens when I don’t give up on believing in myself and what I can do. Turning down employment – I can’t begin to explain the success.

There is this yoga stuff, you know, one of the great bits here is that one can see how far we have come and celebrate the victory along the way. Mari A to Mari C is huge, but did you savor the carrot, taste every bite, and extract it’s essence or did you get it to find you were immediately hungry for more? Are you exhausted yet? When you get to Kapo are you frustrated, or do you celebrate your backbends and work those guys with a heart full of gratitude and celebration of having made it this far? Do you look at the other asana in the practice as potential tools that can help you with the struggle of Kapotasana? Can you find the relationship between that guy and utkatasana?

There is something else going on in this practice, we get to repeat history each day and learn directly from it. Each day we have an opportunity to repeat the past and do it differently, work on a part we did not recognize the first time around. We have the opportunity to experience success and feel accomplished each day we practice, are you taking it?

So what is on your bucket list? Is it leaving you hungry? Hungry enough to do something about it?


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