Emotional Kung-Fu

The test tells me I am a ninja, the test says my subconscious is afraid of failing, the test says I am INFJ, the test says . . .
Quiet and calculating, I resemble the most deadly of ninja. I was a very smart kid who grew up to be a very sensitive and clever adult. I have a lot of goals I wish to accomplish in life but also a constant fear of failing. My subconscious is always reminding me of what will happen if and when I fail, what will the repercussions be and how people would react to that. I prefer to wade in the shadows, avoiding the spotlight and public recognition. Wise known only to myself and those very close to me, others may pass me by and think nothing of me–exactly what I want. Yet, I am very diligent and disciplined, constantly working toward perfection. I am easily adaptable to change, but if I cause it I prefer to do so quietly and without recognition: anonymity.

I am able to use any means necessary to complete a task, whether it be by traditional methods or modern technology. Think of that fear as fuel, and use it to nourish your mind and body. Prove to yourself that you can do anything you want, and that fear is just there to make sure you accomplish your goals.

It is 04:30, cup of coffee in hand, about to leave the house to practice.
In my head I hear Sharath, ‘Why fearing, you?’
I don’t fear, I look forward to the test, I look forward to the practice. It is my discipline, it takes me to the edge of fear, weakening or pushing the boundaries further each day. Facing the F.E.A.R. (false expectations appearing real) and setting new limits to push past, looking deeper into the root of fear.


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